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Make Yourself Local

Typical Buying Agents Services Communications & Advice Being far away can feel a big barrier to making an important ‘property’ purchase. You wish you could just appear here to deal with the chore However the use of technology can overcome such problems & accomodate a lower budget We can get to know you & your…

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Help in buying your Spanish property

Typical Buying Agents Services Negotiations Whilst the estate agent will deal with negotiations, we can help advise & communicate Local knowledge on customs & how best to do business Local contacts with trust & loyalty Over 10 years of Estate Agent experience with 100’s of sales & conveyancing Unbiased advice to achieve your goals Sometimes…

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Find the best Spanish property

Typical Buying Agents Services Searches Whilst estate/real agent sites & directories are available to all, we can help with searches Expert search skills from over 10 years in web design, programming & Internet Regular monitoring & searches helps to avoid missed opportunities Language skills to search ‘local’ sites, often with the best deals, from non-English…

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Viewing Spanish properties from home

Typical Buying Agents Services Viewings Whilst you can visit & will wish to view, we can help filter the best opportunities We can react to opportunities we or you find, and value, often on that day Various forms of media, from simple photos, to panoramic shots, video and even live streams can be arranged Primary…

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Relocation : Living in Sitges, Barcelona, Spain

Typical Buying Agents Services Relocation service for personal & business clients Opening a branch of your company or just settle in Sitges, Spain. Making a move exiting & fun, by minimising the hurdles of bureaucracy, language & culture. As people who have experienced a ‘business & personal’ move to Sitges, we know the challenges. We…

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